Infosaic offers full support for SQL Server Express

Infosaic Technologies has been providing full support for ASP.NET hosting since its original release. That has been a challenging and important task for us, as ASP.NET hosting support does not stop with a set of the original ASP.NET framework release, but requires an outgoing support for additional components that are added on an on-going basis.

Since its original ASP.NET framework release, we’ve been supporting the latest tools and components and staying on top of cutting edge .NET hosting requirements. This dedicated support allows our clients to take advantage of the latest technologies offered by the .NET development community. So for any developer who needs full .NET support, or for a business whose site has been developed in .NET framework, Infosaic offers a hosting solution, which will, meet your requirements.

Versions supported with all hosting packages:
- ASP.NET Framework 4.7.x
- ASP.NET Framework 4.6.x
- ASP.NET Framework 4.5.x
*ASP.NET Hosting starts from $60 per year and can be hosted on ANY of our hosting plans.

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