Infosaic offers full support for SQL Server Express

Starting with 2017, the relational database size is now limited to 10GB and 4 Cores and the maximum amount of memory supported is 1GB. SQL Server Express delivers scaleability as you can always upgrade to the Web Edition if your data set grows, flexiblity and performance to allow you to deliver fast and powerful applications while maintaining a large quantity of data in your SQL Server Express database. Infosaic Technologies, a Windows Web Hosting company, offers first class support and service, and we have been providing SQL Server Express support since 2001!

SQL Server Express allows for dynamic web sites in a Windows web environment. SQL Server Express enables you to store your information in sophisticated ways. Use development tools like Visual Studio to create advanced .NET applications to access the information stored in your database. As a host specializing in supporting Windows technologies, we not only support this technology, but use this technology to deploy highly used applications which may have a large number of simultaneous connections which is a key benefit to using a database solution like SQL Server Express. Our clients have the ability to connect to their database using Microsoft’s tools like Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or through the Infosaic control panel. All hosting packages include SQL Server Express and you can upgrade any shared package for the full version of SQL. VPS and Dedicated clients may add on SQL Server Express. Also supported: SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008R2, 2008
*SQL Server Express Hosting starts from $60 per year and can be hosted on ANY of our hosting plans.

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