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Take advantage of Infosaic's experts

Managed Shared Hosting


From installing software upgrades to adding web sites, configuring security, restoring databases, and assisting with user setups, Infosaic is a partner that will provide help for free, where others will charge.


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With Infosaic Annual Packages

Always Get your domain for free


To ensure the best performance and reliability, Infosaic offers

ADVANCED performance optimized CONFIGURATION

  • Advanced configuration that utilizes redundant internet connectivity, premium redundant hardware, and RAIDed SSD/SAS drives for the ultimate I/O performance while staying affordable.

State-of-the-art data centers

We will keep your site up and running throughout power and internet outages with the help of our redundant internet connectivity, backup generators and modular UPS.

Take Control of your web space with Infosaic

Advanced Control Panel


From managing databases to managing a web server, installing software, and adding email users, Infosaic provides a convenient way to handle all aspects of web site, database, and email management.


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Supported technologies


From the latest version of Microsoft to open-source languages, databases, installers, and email solutions Infosaic preconfigures all of its packages with full support.


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Infosaic offers the best overall value for your
“hosting dollars”

At a glance

Technical Details

  • Advanced Configuration
    Premium hardware, Microsoft Hyper-V technology, advanced load distribution and I/O optimization
  • Domain Names
    All annual packages include free, already configured domains.
    Full support for the latest programming framework from Microsoft on all packages.
  • Email Services
    Get your brand-name mailboxes, with spam filtering, antivirus, and POP3/IMAP4 support.
  • PHP/Open source
    Full support for the latest open source development framework.
  • Configured Supported Technologies
    ASP.NET, Classic ASP, PHP, and others.
  • Databases
    SQL Express and MySQL are already installed and configured and can be managed via the control panel.
  • Internet Connectivity
    Redundant providers, mashed unmetered traffic.
  • Control Panel
    Supports all aspects of web server administration and database management. Provides direct access to files, log files, etc.

Hosting plans



Regular $8.99

  • Free domain (up to $15.95)
  • Unmetered traffic/5 emails
  • Control panel



Regular $12.99

  • Basic features, plus:
  • 2 GB of space
  • 20 mails
  • SSL with annual packages



Regular $24.99

  • Standard features, plus:
  • 3 GB of space
  • 50 emails
  • SQL Server (Web edition)




  • Validated SSL
  • Shopping basket included
  • Full isolation
  • Private virtual environment
* New clients only, Limited availability, certain restrictions apply.
Included benefits

Additional Support

Is website transfer included?

Infosaic will move the contents of your website from any host/server to Infosaic and from one service/server to another.

What's included in ongoing OS support?

Infosaic will install the latest updates and patches on your operating system, install web applications such as WordPress, DotNetNuke, Joomla, and Drupal, and set up/modify firewall settings for your server, among other services.

Full list of free support services provided by Infosaic
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