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Digest Mode Settings

The Digest Settings page allows you to modify how digest mode works for your mailing list. Before digest mode will function, it must be enabled in the General Settings page.

List Name - For reference, shows the name of the mailing list

Current Digest Size - The current size of the next email to be sent. This value will grow the more emails that get posted to the list. When a digest is sent, the number resets to 0 (zero) KB.

Last Sent - The date fo the last digest email sent

Subject - Enter a subject for all digest emails. This subject should represent the context of the list.

Send Trigger Type - Choose what type of event triggers the digest to be sent. If more information is required, it will be asked below the trigger type.

Send Now - Click on this button to send out the current digest regardless of the trigger

Strip non-text attachments from digest - Digests can be much larger than standard lists, for this reason you may want to minimize the actual sending size of the digest by removing non-text attachments.

Enable header, separator, footer - These will not be shown unless the options are checked.