VPS Pro hosting


This Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a great solution for your professional hosting needs. It comes with more RAM, cores, and space than our major competitors offer in their dedicated servers.

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Preinstalled Configuration

In addition to your own copy of Windows, you get full PHP support and the latest suite of related technologies. Two major database engines (SQL Express and MySQL) are also preinstalled and preconfigured, so you can start using them immediately. If you have any additional configuration requests, just reach out to Infosaic staff and we’ll be glad to handle them for you at no extra charge.

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Space Access/Control Panel

This VPS comes with standard Remote Desktop Access and FTP server access, as well as instant browser-based access, a unique feature (read more). A robust control panel, which allows you to add and remove users, modify web settings, and add and remove databases, also comes preconfigured with the package (more).

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Additional Features

An email server, featuring a web interface, mobile web interface, POP3, IMAP, and other premium features, is included (click here for more info). ). Antivirus and spam controls are built in. SSL encryption is available via LetsEncrypt (unvalidated), while FTP and advanced file manager access are just a few features that are available to our clients (more).

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VPS comes with an unprecedented level of technical support: Infosaic staff will not only help with server configuration, but will also assist with website migration, security troubleshooting, patches, and other issues that may arise while hosting your site (click here for more info).

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Should you need more resources, please consider our dedicated packages, which can be run as private clouds for easy upgrades.

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