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Email FAQ

Which mail solution is included with Infosaic web hosting?
How much space do I get with each email account?
How do I set up an email address?
How do I access my Infosaic Web Mail account?
Can I set up email aliases?
Can I forward my email to another email account?
Can I use a POP3 or IMAP mail client with Infosaic?
What are your mail server names?
How do I configure my Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird?
Mailing Lists: How do I upload my CSV file of subscribers?
Secure Email: How do I configure my mail client to take advantage of the SSL ports??
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Sync Microsoft Outlook Calendar with your Droid Calendar
Sync SmarterMail Calendar with your Outlook Calendar
Mailing Lists: Whitelisted Poster
Mailing Lists: Basic Terms