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 hostingcheck ASP.NET 4.5, 4.0, 3.5
 hostingcheck  AntiVirus Server Side
 hostingcheck PHP
 hostingcheck AJAX
 hostingcheck Classic ASP
 hostingcheck Databases: SQL Express, MySQL
 hostingcheck DNN (formerly DotNetNuke)
hostingcheck LINQ
 hostingcheck MVC 5.2, 5.1, 4, 3 and 2
hostingcheck NODE.js
hostingcheck Silverlight
 hostingcheck WordPress
 hostingcheck Windows 2012/2008 Servers


Hosting 30 Day Guarantee

Infosaic Technologies - a Windows Web Hosting company in Columbus Ohio specializes in supporting the latest Windows technologies like ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX, ASP, SQL Server along with technolgoies like WordPress and much more. Always a 30-day money back guarantee on all new shared and VPS hosting. With 24/7 support, Infosaic is available for your hosting support related questions or concerns.

Please note domain names are not refunded and are billed at the going rate should the hosting be refunded.

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Dedicated, Managed Web Servers give you direct access to the Windows 2012 Server and provide truly dedicated resources along with all the traditional Windows Hosting features, yet fully managed by Infosaic.

Infosaic Technologies Managed Dedicated Servers are configured to provide fast, reliable and secure dedicated hosting for your web hosting needs. For complex and busy web sites which require more server resources, our managed, dedicated server may be the solution for you. Choose from in-stock servers or build your own.

With dedicated resources, and remote access to the server root, you have the ability to install custom components directly to the server. As a managed solution, we set up and secure your environment and offer continued upkeep of that environment.

Your dedicated server gives you the control you need and the ability to easily host multiple web sites within the amount of space allocated, while at the same time we manage the environment to ensure it is running smoothly and securely.

   Dedicated Resources/Specifications 
   Key Benefits Dedicated Managed Web Hosting
Hosting Check 2.33 Xeon Processor (Quad-Core) Hosting Check Remote Desktop Access
Hosting Check Dual Hard Drives (Choose your speed) Hosting Check Installation of Custom Components
Hosting Check 8GB RAM Hosting Check Custom Windows Configuration
Hosting Check 1TB Bandwidth Hosting Check Dedicated Server Resources
Hosting Check 2 Static IP's Hosting Check Unlimited Virtual Servers and Databases!
Hosting Check Windows Server Standard Edition Hosting Check Dell Servers/Raided Drives
Hosting Check Unlimited Uploads Hosting Check Daily Backups
    Hosting Check Complete Managed Solution


   General Account Information        
 Hosting Check Unlimited FTP Users  Hosting Check Unlimited Uploads   Hosting Check Fully Managed Dedicated Server
 Hosting Check 2 Static IPs  Hosting Check Remote Desktop Access  Hosting Check Install Custom Applications
 Hosting Check 24 x 7 Phone and Email Support  Hosting Check  24 x 7 Monitoring  Hosting Check OC-x Connectivity in Secure Data Center
 Hosting Check Daily Backups  Hosting Check Anti-Virus Installed    


   Core Technologies Supported        
 Hosting Check ASP.NET  Hosting Check FrontPage Extensions  Hosting Check App Gallery - Instantly Install Popular CMS Tools
 Hosting Check ASP.NET AJAX, MVC, Silverlight  Hosting Check SQL Server Express  Hosting Check Control Panel Demo to view features
 Hosting Check Classic ASP  Hosting Check Full List of Features   Hosting Check Database Backup/Full Site Backup


Customize and purchase your hosting package
Monthly Hosting Cost based on a 1-year Term:
Monthly Managed Dedicated Hosting (Add $285.00)
One Time Installation Fee
Installation Fee (Add $199.00)
Customize Your Managed, Dedicated - Add Additional RAM. Extra RAM Billing Monthly
Customize Your Managed, Dedicated Server - Select Your Windows Version
Windows 2012
Windows 2008
Hard Drive Options - Billed Monthly
300GB SAS 15K RPM Drives (2) (Add $40.00)
1000GB SATA 7500 RPM Drives (2) (Subtract $10.00)
Customize your Dedicated Server - Select Your Database (Price reflects 1 quad-core)
SQL Server Express Included
SQL Server Web Edition Monthly 1 Quad Core (Add $50.00)
SQL Server Standard Monthly 1 Quad Core (Add $300.00)
Customize your Dedicated Server - Add SSL. Billed Annually.
Customize your Dedicated Server - Add Security Services. Billed Annually.
Selection Optional Add-Ons: SmarterMail Email, SmarterStats Analytics, SmarterTrack Helpdesk
SmarterMail Professional - 1 Domain/10 Users (Add $0.00)
SmarterStats Prof w/1-Year Upgrade Protection (Add $300.00)
SmarterTrack Prof w/1-Year Upgrade Protection (Add $200.00)
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