Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

New Account FAQ
Questions about your new account
Technical FAQ
Technical questions about your hosting account
Billing FAQ
Questions related to hosting or domain registration billing
Domain Name FAQ
Questions about domain registration, domain transfers, domain features, etc.
Email FAQ
Questions about email
PreSales Hosting FAQ
Questions about PreSales Hosting
Webmaster Tools
Useful for General Webmaster Type Questions
Popular Hosting FAQs
Popular Questions about Infosaic Hosting
Important information on our shopping cart solution and demos to learn more!
Video Support (Coming Soon!)
Check out our helpful videos!

Control Panel

General Control Panel Support for Shared, VPS and Dedicated
Description of Control Panel Features
Shared Hosting Control Panel - Web Server Administration
Control Panel Features in Web Server Administration
Shared Hosting Control Panel - Tools and Utilities
Control Panel Features in Tools and Utilities

Web Development and Databases

Questions about Database Setup, Connecting to a Database, etc.
Questions about developing in .NET, components supported, etc.
Sample Scripts
Quick Reference for Sample Scripts

Infosaic Terms and Anti-Spam Policy

Our Terms and Conditions
View Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
About our Privacy Policy
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Web Hosting Guarantee
Infosaic Registration Agreement
Domain Registration Terms and Conditions

Email Help

About Our Email by SmarterMail
Introduction and Key Summary of our Enterprise Mail Solution
Compose, Send Email and Modify Contact Information
General Information for Users on how to Use our Basic Email Service
User's General Mail Settings
How to configure various Email settings
Domain Administrator's Help
How to configure various Email Settings and View Reports
Summary and Description of all Terms
Domain Administrator's - List Server Help
How to Set up and Administer your Mail Lists

Site Statistics Help

About our Site Statistics by SmarterStats
General Information and Overview of our Site Statistics
List of Terms and Phrases Used When Viewing Statistics
Helping End Users Utilize the Various Statistics Reports