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Do you offer a shopping basket for e-commerce package?

Yes, with our e-commerce hosting package. Installation is included at no additional cost.
Additionally, we include a free dedicated SSL Certificate from Instant SSL with any annual e-commerce paackage.
Installation is always included at no additional cost. To sign up please go to:
To view a demo of the shopping cart please visit:
Following are a list of features supported by the shopping cart we use. The Standard version is installed as part of the e-commerce package for you, however if you wish to upgrade to the .NET version, there is a one-time upgrade fee of $75 fee which is well worth the value:
Unlimited Items
Unlimited Categories 
Unlimited Subcategories
Category/Subcategory pages
Unlimited Category Assignment
 (items can be in multiple categories)
Unlimited Menu/Tabs  
Dynamic "drop-down" Navigation Menu    
Wishlist / Gift Registry  
Featured Items
Featured Items Page
Related Items / Cross Selling  
Item Options
Product Configuration
 (More sophisticated Item options allow your customers to customize their purchase, using drop-down, checkbox, radio, or text input selections)
Order Minimum (set a required amount)    
Order Discounts / Coupons
 (offer discount codes to customers)
Per Item Discounts (Quantity based pricing)  
Free / No Charge Products  
"Contact Us" Email page
Built in Search Engine
Advanced Search options  
Customizable store sections
Custom pages  
Taxable / Non Taxable Items  
Email / Tell a Friend feature  
Robust Shopping Cart / Checkout System
Quick Checkout (fewer screens)
Order Status
Customer Sign-in
Checkout Help pages (for your customers)
Sell Gift Certificates  
Gift Certificate Redemption  
Digital Downloads (Sell file downloads)  
Order Confirmation Emails
Automated "Lost Password" Recovery
Real-Time Credit Card Payment Processing 
Real-Time UPS Shipping Rates  
Real-Time USPS Shipping Rates  
Real-Time Airborne Shipping Rates *  
Real-Time Fed Ex Shipping Rates *  
Real-Time DHL Shipping Rates *  
Per Item Shipping Charges  
Free/No Shipping Charges  
Shipping based on Weight
Shipping based on Order Total  
Shipping based on Items  
Tax shipping Option  
3rd Party Payment Processing
Pay By Mail Feature
Page / Data Caching (for faster load times)    
* Rates are obtained from InterShipper, a 3rd Party rate service - a subscription to this service is required.