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Deleting Messages

There are two different methods for deleting messages. First, you can delete a message while viewing it by clicking on the Delete button. Second, you can delete multiple messages at once by checking them in the message list page and choosing Delete from the action menu.

The action takeen when you delete a message depends on the option you choose in My Settings. Below are the options available for the option "When messages are deleted."

  • Move to Deleted Items folder - (default) - When items are deleted they are moved to a folder called Deleted Items. If the deleted items folder does not exist, it will be created the first time you delete a message.
  • Delete message and purge folder - When messages are deleted from a folder, they are only marked as deleted. They are not physically removed from the folder until it is purged. This option will automatically purge the folder after deleting the message. NOTE: When deleted messages are purged, the action is final. You will not be able to retrieve these messages later.
  • Mark as deleted - When the message is deleted with this option, the message remains in the current folder, but will be crossed out as deleted. If the folder is then purged all items marked for deletion will be removed.
  • Mark as deleted and hide - Any message that has been marked as deleted, will be hidden. This will allow you to keep deleted messages, without seeing them every time you log into your mailbox. Note: It is important to keep an eye on your email account disk usage when using this option, as your mailbox may be more full than you realize.

Note: The action taken for deleted items will ONLY be taken when deleting items through web mail. Deleting an item from Outlook Express or another email client will NOT use the setting that you choose.

Note to POP3 users: When your email client connects to your mail via POP3, it will automatically purge any emails that are marked as deleted. To prevent this from happening, use the "Move to Deleted Items folder" option to avoid accidentally purging deleted items.

Effects of Folder Auto-Clean

Your system administrator may have established auto-clean policies that may delete older junk e-mail, deleted items, and/or sent items when the folders get too large. Your administrator may have left the option available for you to override auto-clean settings, however. To see what folders are currently set to auto-clean and to change settings, refer to the My Folder Auto-Clean page.