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 hostingcheck ASP.NET 4.5, 4.0, 3.5
 hostingcheck  AntiVirus Server Side
 hostingcheck PHP
 hostingcheck AJAX
 hostingcheck Classic ASP
 hostingcheck Databases: SQL Express, MySQL
 hostingcheck DNN (formerly DotNetNuke)
hostingcheck LINQ
 hostingcheck MVC 5.2, 5.1, 4, 3 and 2
hostingcheck NODE.js
hostingcheck Silverlight
 hostingcheck WordPress
 hostingcheck Windows 2012/2008 Servers


Hosting 30 Day Guarantee

Infosaic Technologies - a Windows Web Hosting company in Columbus Ohio specializes in supporting the latest Windows technologies like ASP.NET, MVC, AJAX, ASP, SQL Server along with technolgoies like WordPress and much more. Always a 30-day money back guarantee on all new shared and VPS hosting. With 24/7 support, Infosaic is available for your hosting support related questions or concerns.

Please note domain names are not refunded and are billed at the going rate should the hosting be refunded.

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MVC Web Hosting (Model, View, Controller)
MVC Hosting

ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) Hosting enables developers to quickly deploy data rich applications.
Infosaic Technologies specializes in supporting Windows Technologies, like the MVC Framework.
Host your ASP.NET MVC on our Windows Servers today! Support for MVC is included with any hosting package.


MVC Versions Supported: MVC 5, MVC 4, MVC 3 and MVC 2.

MVC breaks down an application into 3 main components:
Models - The logic of the application exists in the model.
Views - This displays the logic which is provided through the model.
Controllers - The flow of the application. The controller passes information to the model.

For a complete explanation of the models, views, controllers relationship, visit:

Some clear benefits to using MVC:
Clean Separation provides developers with a good test environment.
Rich AJAX Integration.
Easy to customize.


Host your MVC application on our Windows Servers today! Select a package or compare hosting solutions!

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Call or email our knowledgeable support team with any questions!


Learn More about ASP.NET MVC:
Visit Tutorials on ASP.NET MVC:
Download the free version of Visual Studio 2013:

Why host with Infosaic?
 Why Infosaic

Fast, Flexible & Affordable Windows Hosting! Windows Web Hosting supporting the latest technologies you need: AJAX, ASP.NET, PHP, MVC, SQL Server Web, DotNetNuke, WordPress and more!

24 x 7 Hosting Support! Since 2001, hosting simple to complex web sites of customers around the globe, a secure data center with reliable, redundant OC-x connections from multiple Tier 1 providers and dedicated hands on hosting support; we are the best choice for businesses and developers in need of an experienced Windows Web Host!

Great Hosting Options! We have a variety of plans from shared to dedicated! Each package designed to suit your business requirements whether a small informational site, data driven site or application, a start up technology company or successful e-commerce website!

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