An all-inclusive, well-rounded package on a budget, with full support for the latest mainstream technologies:, Classic ASP, PHP, FileObjects, SMTP server, etc. It supports many popular software packages such as WordPress, DotNetNuke, and Joomla, while providing access to MySQL and SQLExpress via a built-in SolidPanel with add-ons. Ideal for a single site, static, dynamic PHP, or Microsoft website, since it supports all mainstream technologies.

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Additional Features

An email server, featuring a web interface, mobile web interface, POP3, and IMAP, is included. Antivirus and spam controls are built in. The basic package is great for a single website, whether static or complex. Provides unmetered traffic and plenty of space. SSL encryption is available via LetsEncrypt (unvalidated), along with FTP and advanced file manager access.

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Upgrade Options

If you need more web space, email accounts, or higher utilization, consider our Standard package.

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