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How do I transfer my domain name to Infosaic?

Once you choose your hosting package you have the option of selecting Domain Transfer during the sign up process. By selecting this option, you will initiate the transfer of your domain from your current registrar to ours.
Please note that in order for a domain to transfer sucessfully, the following must be in place:
1. A valid/current email must be listed with your current registrar. Once you sign up, an email is automatically sent to this contact to verify that this transfer should take place. You must respond to this email for the transfer to start.
2. Your domain must be "unlocked" with your current registrar. Most registrar's will allow you to unlock your domain through their control panel.
3. Most extensions now have an Authorization Key. The Authorization Key is required before we can submit a transfer order. You have to obtain the Authorization keys from the current registrar and forward this to us.
Once we initiate the transfer it can take 1 - 7 days to complete this process. You always have the option of pointing your domain to our name servers, before transferring it.