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Site Statistics Features

SmarterStats Features


Intuitive home page
Intelligently organized report items
Standard reports (CEO, SEO, Webmaster, etc)
Geographic mapping
Customizable chart views
Filter sets
Data Mining
Custom reports


Report data exporting
Exposure of activity stats though web services
Custom date ranges
Time-zone specific reporting
On-Demand email reports
Scheduled email reports

Welcome Page Showing the Most Requested Data

Once you log in to SmarterStats you are greeted with the most commonly requested report items: Visits, Views, Bandwidth, Top Pages, Top Referrers, and Search Engine data. The Home Page gives you the majority of information you are looking for when viewing your web site's statistics.

A Variety of Standard Reports for Easy Review

SmarterStats provides you with a number of Standard Reports, or collections of popular and useful Report Items arranged to provide the most useful data for specific people in your organization. Standard Reports range from a CEO Report, which provides upper management with a variety of performance and structural data, to Traffic and Visitor Reports for webmasters and other IT professionals. Users of the Enterprise Edition can even Create their own reports using custom reports.

Detailed and Effective Report Items

SmarterStats gives you all the information you want and need with dozens of Report Items, and an easy sidebar navigation system allows you to find the Items you need quickly. Virtually every piece of information contained in your web server log files is there: visitors, hits, views, downloads, search engine queries, search engine spiders, bandwidth usage, geographic details, and much, much more.

Site Import Settings and Report Item Customization

Not everyone likes web site statistics based off of the time the logs were created on the web server. SmarterStats offers many customization options, including allowing you to process your statistics based off of your particular Time Zone. You can also choose to exclude statistics generated from IP addresses or specific directories. They're your statistics; you should be able to get then however you want.