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Mailing List Overview

Mailing lists are a good way to send a message or series of messages to many people at once. Some people use mailing lists for newsletters, while others use them for product updates or discussion groups. A mailing list is similar to a user alias, but has much more functionality.

To manage the mailing lists for your domain, click on the Settings menu and choose Mailing Lists. This will take you to a page that lists all of the mailing lists in the domain.

Adding a List - Click on the New List button to add a new mailing list. This will show the Mailing List General Settings page.

Editing a List - To edit the general settings of a mailing list, click on the name of the list.

List Name - The name of the mailing list.

Description - The description that was entered for the mailing list

Moderator - The user responsible for the list

Manage Link - Click on this link to pop up a menu that allows you to manage specific settings for the list. These are explained in more detail below.

  • General Settings - This item has the same effect as clicking on the list name. It will allow you to edit the general settings of a list.
  • Subscribers - Subscribers are those email addresses that will receive copies of every email posted to the list.
  • Poster Whitelist - Email addresses entered into the poster whitelist may post to the list in addition to those defined in General Settings.
  • Poster Blacklist - Email addresses in the poster blacklist will not be permitted to post to the list.
  • Header - The text entered for the header will be added to the top of all emails to the list.
  • Footer - The text entered for the footer will appear at the bottom of all emails to the list.
  • Subscribe File - The contents of the subscribe file are sent to new subscribers.
  • Help File - When a command is sent to the list serv command address, and it is formatted incorrectly, or when an email is sent to the list that is not permitted, the help file is sent to the user.
  • Digest Settings -
  • Digest Subscribers -
  • Digest Header -
  • Digest Separator -
  • Digest Footer -

Delete Link - Click on this link to delete the corresponding list. A confirmation page will appear. Note: Once a list is deleted, it is not recoverable.