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Poster Whitelist and Blacklist

The poster whitelist and blacklist allow you to have control over which subscribers are allowed to post messages to the list.

Use the whitelist to set the email accounts for people who are permitted to post to the list. This list is added to the email accounts that fall under the "who can post?" option that is set in General Settings. In addition, this list will not be used unless you enable the "enable poster whitelist" option in General Settings.

Use the blacklist to block specific subscribers from posting to your list. This list is always active, and is a good way of preventing those that have sent questionable content from doing so again.

The poster whitelist and blacklist pages function the same as the subscriber list page.

Add Addresses - Click on this button to add one or more email addresses to the list. Ensure that you enter one email address per line when adding them. Duplicates will not be added.

Download - This button will initiate the download of a .txt file that contains all emails for subscribers to the list.

Upload - Click on this button to upload a new .txt file containing email addresses (one per line). Choose whether you wish to append the uploaded contents to the existing list, or whether you wish to replace the list with the new one completely. Browse to the file and click OK to upload and process the list. Duplicates will not be added.

Delete All - Deletes all email accounts in the list. A confirmation dialog will appear. Once you have deleted the list, it is not possible to get it back, so it is recommended that you first download the list before deleting the emails.

Delete Link - Click on the delete link next to an email address to remove it from the list