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Tools and Utilities - File Manager

File Manager is an alternative way to access files so that you may modify, add, and/or delete files on your virtual web server. We have two file manager options, a more simple file manager and one that is more advanced.

Advanced File Manager Features:

The New File Manager besides basic file manager functions allows you to unzip files on the fly, preserving directory structure, and effectively deploying your site in a few simple clicks. So if you have an existing site developed here is what you would need to do:

1.    Zip up your site files in its current location. Please make sure that when zipping up you would choose to preserve directory structure.
2.    Open the new file manager and choose upload file functionality.
3.    Browse to where you have stored your file on your computer.
4.    Upload file
5.    Click on unzip file.

Your entire directory structure will be unzipped and deployed to the server in its original format.
Other great features of the new file manager include:

1.    Ability to move or copy files or directories to a new location
2.    Zip up your files.
3.    Edit html files on the fly.
4.    Change files and directory security settings.

Simple File Manager Icons:

    - This allows you to refresh the screen.

    - By clicking this you will be adding adding a new file.

    - By clicking this you will be adding adding a new folder.

    - By clicking this you can upload new files to an existing folder.

Edit   - By clicking on edit you can modify any ASCII files. IE HTML, ASP

    - By clicking on this, you will be deleting a file or image.